Embracing The No Makeup Trend

Alicia Keys recently graced our screens on the X Factor rocking the natural, no makeup look. We spoke to some women to find out what they think of this trend.

Reporter: Zynab Sandhu | Sub-Editor: Jessica Penfold


Alicia Keys performing her new single on the X Factor. (Image from Smash News)

Alicia Keys looked amazing rocking the bare faced look whilst performing her new song ‘Blended Family’ on the X Factor recently.

Fans were quick to praise the 35 year old on Twitter.


Back in summer the singer announced that she was going to ditch makeup for a fresh faced look at all times. This created a buzz in the #Nomakeup trend, especially on Instagram.

In an essay she wrote for the newsletter Lenny, she explained how being in the public eye had affected her perception on beauty and being perfect. She also describes how the judgemental entertainment industry was her “biggest test yet”.

Keys wrote: “Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup: what if someone wanted a picture? What if they posted it? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me.”

The no makeup look has been popular with the online beauty fanatics. Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty, Chloe Morello, Diana Tokio, Carli Bybel are just a few of the YouTube makeup artists that have tried out the trend.

The no makeup trend is great for the days were you don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup but you still want to look awake and fresh. Going completely makeup free for most women is off-putting as society has made it some-what the norm and an expectation for women to wear makeup.

We asked a few women what they think of this trend and if they would be brave enough to rock the bare faced look. Here is what they have to say.

Nidah Sandhu, 18, Student


(Image credit: Nidah Sandhu)

What is your opinion on this trend?

“It’s a good trend, people can be more comfortable in their own skin but also have the option of make up, I think this so called trend means that not one specific look is glorified and made the norm or expectation among women and men.”

Would you feel comfortable rocking this trend?

“Yes, it seems quite freeing and liberating.”

What is your relationship with makeup?

“I don’t wear it often, it’s a beautiful art to look at but I prefer it as the occasional thing.”

Aisha Chauhan, 20, Student.

(Image credit: Aisha Chauhan)

What is your opinion on this trend?

“I think it’s really good, because it encourages people to love their natural selves, especially in a day and age where makeup is promoted and used widely by young people. The less makeup we use the less harmful  and artificial stuff we use on our skins, it allows our skin to breathe.”

Would you feel comfortable rocking this trend?

“Well perhaps after some time, where I feel comfortable and happy with my skin and how it looks, yes I am sure I would rock this trend.

 What is your relationship with makeup?

If I’m honest, on most occasions I feel too lazy to apply makeup because of how time consuming it is. However, when I do use it, I make sure it’s very minimal and I make sure I feel natural in it. For me, that is the main thing, make up is not supposed to make you look like a different person, it’s supposed to make your features glow and make you feel good.”

Sara Malik, 18, Fashion blogger


(Image credit: Sara Malik)

What is your opinion on this trend?

“I think it’s a good trend in today’s society as it can give a lot of girls more confidence.”

Would you feel comfortable rocking this trend?

“I don’t think I would be confident enough to rock this trend however do feel like I could wear minimal makeup.”

 What is your relationship with makeup?

Wearing makeup makes me confident within myself, I feel like my skin gets that extra glow and my bone structure stands out.”

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