ITV’s I’m a Celebrity faces backlash after “cruel” Bushtucker trials.

Viewers are starting to pick up on the cruel nature of some of I’m a Celeb’s trials.

Reporter: Frances Cullen | Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton

It’s British TV at its best. Every year we wait in anticipation to see D-list celebs venture into the jungle and get forced into completing horrible tasks.

However the show has recently got a lot of stick for animal cruelty. In last nights trial “crit n mix” Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas and Homes Under the Hammer star Martin Roberts were made to hold live animals in their mouths for 60 seconds. This was uncomfortable viewing on all accounts but we can’t help but to spare a thought for these living creatures who by no choice of their own are subjected to this torment.

This is not the first time the show has been accused of animal cruelty. Last years show saw TOWIE’s Fearne McCann eat a live spider in a similar trial, which shocked and upset many viewers.

The show is meant to entertain us but at what cost? In the earlier series of the show it may have been easier to get away with this kind of thing but in today’s society where vegans are trendy and we have a lot more knowledge about how badly animals are treated, people are starting to see the show in a new light.

In an interview with The Sun animal rights group PETA said, “Beetles might not be seen as cute and cuddly, but just like other animals, they feel pain and fear.”

Striking the balance between terrifying the celebrities without terrifying the animals is proving to be very difficult for the shows producers. It’s one of the most popular shows on British TV so its not likely that it will ever change but hopefully in time they will take more appropriate measures to protect the animals and cut out the trials where they are eaten alive.

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