Does being in the public eye lead to addiction?

Mental heath is on the rise, with many falling into addiction – drugs and alcohol. Is this need for substance seen as being a get away when in the public eye?

Over the past few days, the US rapper Mac Miller’s reason of death has been confirmed.

According to the BBC, the 26-year-old died as a result of what is seen to be an ‘accidental overdose’ on cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol. The star was found dead in his home early September, just 4 months after his split from the Thank U, Next singer Ariana Grande.

Addiction is repeated involvement or dependancy on a substance often linked to mental health.

Over the past few years, many celebrities just like the rapper Mac Miller have been brought to light for recent overdoses that have led to multiple rehab visits and, in some cases, even death. It’s hard to believe that celebrities just like us, have demons that they battle with everyday, whether that be stress, schedules or being surrounded by those that use substances.

The only difference is that for them, their actions are highly publicised through magazines, television or the internet which adds to the pressure which is why many turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Mac Miller is just one of many stars that have suffered in silence, here are just a few celebrities that have had drug-related deaths:

Here is a slideshow which looks at popular celebrities who struggled being in the spotlight, leading them to turn to the frequent use of substances.


Words: Shannon Pinnock | Subbing: Jake Woods

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