Do people actually care about Christmas ads?

Christmas is a key time for advertisers large and small. November may seem a bit too early for some to bring it into discussion, but now that December has arrived, Christmas is on everyone’s lips and can’t really be avoided.

Each year brands invest large sums of money and are looking to deliver advertising with emotional resonance in the hope they will make it in the top of the most appreciated commercials or will simply boost their profit.

Many people now see the official start of Christmas as when they hear or see a particular advertisement.

This year hasn’t been out of controversies.

It started with Iceland, whose animation ad was banned from TV broadcast as it was originally created for a political group (Greenpeace) and that would have been unlawful.

Probably the most-awaited Christmas ad of this year was from John Lewis, which left many people disappointed. Featuring Elton John, the ad wasn’t “Christmassy enough”, some arguing that the advert was rather made to promote the singer’s biographical music film, Rocketman, that is going to be launched next year.


According to a report by Advertising Association, in 2017, a third (33%) of Brits said that they look forward to Christmas adverts more than any film release, while nearly half (47%) admitted to having been moved to tears by Christmas adverts.

The Voice of London went to find out directly from the source – the ultimate shopping paradise with the very best high-street brands – Oxford Street.


And we also asked on Twitter:

It seems that Christmas and its associated retail hysteria is something we can’t really avoid. And at the end of the day, adverts are still adverts – too many, too annoying, too intrusive. 

But for Christmas’ sake,  we might as well have a few nice bits of content to get us through it, right?

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Words and audio by Teodora Agarici | Subbing by Megan Naylor

Featured photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash

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