What is there to love about Winter Wonderland?

Winter has come to London, Christmas is nearly upon us and the gates have opened to Winter Wonderland. Every year around this time, Hype Park hosts the event in the glamorous city.

Though most of the attractions and markets are the same as years before, they are offering a different ice skating show (it’s Peter Pan themed) and there’s some new, unique stalls.



There are also a lot of people visiting the park and this place never seems to be empty even in the late morning. Have you ever wondered why? Since 2007, Winter Wonderland has welcomed an average of 14 million visitors every year. Why would people go the same thing every year and repeatedly spend their money there? Well, we went out to ask. Eliza told us: “I have been coming for years now, yes it is always the same but is just so much fun and it gives the feel of Christmas approaching.”

Peter says: “I make it into a tradition, waiting all year round to come for the food and mulled wine in the great company of my friends, and of course one or two rides that never get old.”

Maybe Winter Wonderland has turned into a social gathering for Londoners at this time of the year, “Is the place I gather to see my friends every year is our little tradition” Emily.  It does offer a great amount of delicious street food and seasonal drinks, and the Bavarian village seems to be a lot of fun with people singing and dancing. It’s unlikely for someone to hate that warm feeling of people gathered together in a festive mood, having fun and a laugh.



But on the downside, this day of joy can be quite expensive. When the festive mood hits, the park fills you with so much excitement that you want to go on every ride and win that cute toy for your loved one. It can end up making a big dent in your bank account.

So Voice of London decided to make a nice little video list with some attractions and shops with handmade gifts, that are worth the money. There is also a map to help you find them. They will provide great fun and high adrenaline. Some rides will make your hair go upside down and some will offer an outstanding view of London – sometimes from a weird viewpoint. But we promise it will be a great deal of fun. 

Words by Martina Momtchilova | Subbed by Millie Richardson

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