Rapid testing launched for students travelling home this Christmas

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University of Westminster has introduced rapid tests for UK students travelling within the country from their term-time address while Tier 2 restrictions are imposed. 

The government has instructed universities and other educational providers to cease face to face learning for the winter term by 9 December at the latest. After this date, lessons, if continued, can be online only.

Students who will undertake journeys within the UK are advised to travel during the “travel window” between 3 to 9 December.

Those who do not return home by 9 December will need to undertake a further period of restricted contact either before or after returning home to minimise the risk of transmission.

These measures are taken to ensure that students have gone through the full self-isolation period so that they can return back safely.

University of Westminster have joined the Government scheme and  is now offering Later Flow Tests( LFT) to test asymptomatic individuals.

A student is eligible for test if:

  • they have no COVID-19 symptoms
  • has not been tested positive for the last 10 days
  • plan to visit another household

Rapid Testing involves taking a swab from nose or throat to in extraction solution and provide results within hours from the NHS Test and Trace service. The University does not see your test result.

Photo by: The National Guard | Creative Commons

The testing service will be available in three locations:

  • Harrow Campus Sports Hall
  • Marylebone Campus
  • Brent Civic Centre (only for Raffles House and Wembley Park residents)

VoL spoke to Wesley Hudson, third year student from The University of Westminster who undertook the test on Monday November, 30.

“The testing system was extremely quick, I registered and booked my two appointments via the website. Once I arrived the test was done in a matter of minutes. I didn’t receive my test results the same day as it had been muddled up, however the university were very helpful and solved the issue immediately. I have now tested negative and will be going back on Wednesday to be tested for the second time”.

For full reassurance, students are advised to take two tests three days apart.

If you a student who is planning to travel abroad, LFT tests are usually not suitable for that purpose. Check with the airline you are travelling with to see which test they require.

For further assistance visit:

UOW Covid-19 testing website 

The Government official website 


Words by: Chinara Sadikhova  | Subbing: Grace Staley

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