Capsule wardrobe 101- how to create it and why

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is not a new concept in the fashion world but recently it has become very popular as more and more people aspire to a minimalistic way of life.

Do you spend every morning stressing about what to wear only to come to the conclusion that there is NOTHING in your wardrobe full of clothes? Do you waste an awful amount of time doing laundry every week? Do you ever go shopping just because you need to pull yourself out of a bad mood?

If your answer is “Yes!” then a capsule wardrobe might be the perfect solution to all your fashion woes.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

In a nutshell, a capsule wardrobe is a well-curated collection of clothes. Those are mainly classic, essential items that are very versatile and can be styled in different combinations so that you get a good number of outfits for any occasion. The main focus of a capsule wardrobe is on top quality and long-lasting garments. However, you can mix and match with a few seasonal pieces to keep things fresh.

3 reasons to start building your capsule wardrobe today

 1. Fewer decisions every day

Deciding what to wear can sometimes, or most times, be draining. And not just physically but mentally as well. By curating a small capsule wardrobe, you will spend less time trying several outfits and stressing about what to wear five minutes before you have to head out the door. There will be no daily decisions required and no more fretting over outfits, as you will get to wear your favourite things every day. Yay.

2. Save money on shopping

Surely we have all been to that point where we either had a bad day or simply were in a #treatyoself mood so we went on an unnecessary, impulsive shopping therapy that made our bank accounts cry. Lucky for you, a capsule wardrobe is a perfect motivator to stick to the pieces that you already have, and make a good use of them at least for one season. Yes, staying away from shopping can be difficult but think about all the money you are saving in the process.

3. Less wardrobe maintenance

By downsizing the number of clothes that you keep in your wardrobe, the maintenance process will start running smoothly, there will be no clutter and you will have more time and space to breathe. Because let’s be honest, doing laundry, as well as sorting and tidying your wardrobe can be time-consuming and even annoying.

Photo: Alina Sirbu

How to build your capsule wardrobe?

1. Clean out your wardrobe

Seeing what you actually own is probably the most important step in building your capsule wardrobe. So for this step of the process, everything needs to be out. Clothing, accessories, shoes – nothing gets left behind.

2. Organise your clothes into piles

Now it is time to be ruthless and sort everything into piles. It is essential that you do not overthink this process but go with your first reaction. Otherwise you will end up including unnecessary pieces in your capsule wardrobe. And last but not least – be honest with yourself.

You will need four piles:

  • ‘Love it’: for the items that you cannot live without, fit you really well and you wear very frequently
  • Maybe’: for everything that you would like to keep but do not really wear for one reason or another
  • No’: for the clothing that you do not wear at all
  • Seasonal’: for the items that are appropriate for the season as it is at the moment. Since we are now transitioning into winter, you probably will not need shorts or bathing suits so pile them up.

3. Put the ‘Love it’ pile in your wardrobe

The key here is to always remember that less is more. When it comes to a capsule wardrobe, it is ideal to have around 37 pieces for one season.

No matter if it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, you should have tops (T-shirt, button down shirt, blazer), bottoms (jeans, skirt), dresses, outwear and shoes (flats, heels, walking shoes). Underwear, socks, workout clothes or nightwear do not count as these are essentials.

Photo: Alina Sirbu

4. Put the other piles away

Unless all your clothes from the ‘No’ pile are in a bad condition, then you could either donate or sell them. And when it comes to the ‘Seasonal’ and ‘Maybe’ – put them away. Find some extra space and storage these until the next season when you can take them out and take another look.

5. No shopping

We have already mentioned that shopping is a big no-no. At least for the current season. Even though it sounds cruel, think of this restriction as an opportunity to plan and save up money in case you need to improve the next season’s capsule.

If you decide to build your capsule wardrobe have fun but do not forget to be disciplined as well. At the end of the season look back and reflect on what worked and what did not. Did you wish you had picked other clothing items? Maybe incorporate more colour, maybe no heels? Make note of these things and give yourself time to think about and organise your next season’s capsule thoroughly.

Words: Alina Sirbu | Subbing: Zornitsa Valkova


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