Tottenham hand lifetime bans to two fans after urine throwing incident

Tottenham Hotspur have dished out lifetime bans to two fans after they threw a cup of urine towards the away supporters during last week’s Carabao Cup tie against West Ham at Wembley.

A video of the incident showed a Spurs fan urinating into the cup before handing it to his friend who hurled it towards the away support, much to the amusement of his companion. As it circulated around social media, the club became aware of the incident and have since dished out lifetime bans to two fans.

A club spokesperson issued a statement saying: “This kind of behaviour is not acceptable and we shall be issuing lifetime bans to both individuals in the video.”

The man who threw the cup has been identified as Lucas Louka but it has not been confirmed whether Louka is one of the fans to receive a lifetime ban from Tottenham Hotspur.

He apologised for the incident last week but insisted it was a “prank gone wrong”, and that he in fact swapped the cup of urine with a cup of cider before throwing it.

Louka told The Sun: “It was just a bit of banter. It’s a prank gone wrong. I’ve probably let the club down but I want people to know it’s not what it seems.”


Words: Reuben Pinder | Subbing: Kieran Barnshaw

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