I waited in a two-hour queue for a doughnut

Suffice to say it was the best doughnut I have ever had, (and yes I have had a cronut).  


Written: Tristan Prawl    Edited: Giulia Trinci

Doughnut Time – an Australian based doughnut shop famous for their pop-culture inspired, ‘punny’ doughnut names and their over-the-top toppings – has opened its first store outside of its home country here in the London Borough of Soho. 

The Soho Doughnut Time store front, notice a ‘punny’ doughnut clock.

To celebrate the grand opening this past Friday, the store gave out free doughnuts from 12:30-2:30pm. So, with free time in the middle of the day and a determination to get my freebie I stepped out for a doughnut – hopeful, but still a self-proclaimed “bagel person.” 


In honor of thier new home here in London, the store has even created two new doughnut flavours: Love Actually – a doughnut with an Earl Grey tea glaze and freeze-dried strawberries and heart shaped jammie dodgers, and Shawty it’s Sherbert Day. Both of which are available at the new store.


I arrived about ten minutes after they started handing out the freebies, thinking I would be waiting for thirty minutes, forty-five tops. I was however confronted with a line so full of freeloaders that I don’t even have photographic evidence – only a screenshot of CityMapper showing how far away I was by the time I reached the end of the line; hence why I was so unwilling to give up my place for a video.

A demonstration of the two block doughnut freeloader line.


After queuing for two hours and being asked “What’s this queue for?” at least thrice, I finally made it to the glowing gates of the tiniest doughnut shop in the world. Seriously not sure if more than three people could stand inside at once. Very exclusive stuff. I opted for a Sia Later, which by happy accident happened to be one of their 100% vegan options.

Sia Later – Red Velvet doughnut with vegan buttercream frosting (100% Vegan)

Okay. I figured the doughnut would be GOOD, but as soon as I took a bite it was fair to say it was the best doughnut I have ever had. Even the dough was moist and sweet, and the vegan buttercream frosting was every bit as rich without overpowering the flavour of the dough.

Talking about it now has actually got me craving another. Would I wait in another two hour queue for one? Probably not, but you’ll find me paying £4.50 for one in the near future.


Leaving you with a picture of me holding the doughnut that changed me from a self-proclaimed bagel person to a “sometimes a Doughnut Time doughnut” person.

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