Black Friday deals: be aware of the real discounts

Shoppers are called to pay attention to the deals on Black Friday due to recent research by Which? that exposed the truth behind discounted items.

Research conducted by Which? analysed 83 items on offer on last year’s Black Friday, tracking down the prices six months before and six months after.

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Which? found out that 95% of the items investigated were still on sale for the same price or cheaper six months after Black Friday. It pointed out that 61% of these items on sale were at the same price or further discounted in the six months before Black Friday.

The Voice of London decided to conduct separate research with the help of the website PriceSpy so that we could verify if the deals on certain items on today’s Black Friday were genuine.

We found out that BEATS by Dr.Dre Solo3 Wireless are offered at £139 on Black Friday but they were discounted to £127.99 in May and to £110 in March on the same year.

Fitbit Versa 2 are sold at £169 on Black Friday deals, but there offered to £150.30 in September and to £156.49 earlier this month.

I-Phone XS max64 GB are offered at £689.40, however, the same items were discounted to £604.99 at the beginning of November.

Infographic by Giulia Frau on data collected on PriceSpy

Shoppers are advised to check reviews apps and websites so that they can verify the price history and to check the price of the item on different platforms.

Words: Giulia Frau | Image: Unsplash | Infographic: Giulia Frau on data collected on PriceSpy

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