Are we ready to study online again?

With the new Omicron variant and the consequent rise of the coronavirus alert to level 4 in England, the public is becoming more concerned about a possible switch back to the stricter measures.

Due to upcoming restrictions, students, particularly, might have to experience the “feared” online classes again:

We asked a few London-based university students to share their thoughts on the government’s new plans to lower the wave of Covid-19 cases in England and whether this would mean that the possible return to the online classes quarantine would increase.

The students Nandini, Ioana, Daniele, Anna and Erin also gave us some advice so that we could handle the online classes in the best way possible if the lockdown were to happen again.

Do you think online classes will come back? Would you be prepared? Tell us your opinion in the comments down below!

Words: Saray Ramiro Fernandez | Subbing: Daniele Kieraite

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