Anti-lockdown protests in Central London ended up with arrests

Photo by: @theeastlondonphotographer | Unsplash

Another anti-lockdown protest today finished with about 155 arrests and clashes with the police.

The initial place for the anti-lockdown gathering was Battersea Park but on Wednesday 25, the protest organisers posted on social media that the location was changed to Kings Cross Station at 12 on Saturday, 28 November.

Today, Kings Cross Station was heavily guarded with police officers who also made a couple of arrests. The Metropolitan police announced that three people were detained for breaching the coronavirus restrictions at Kings Cross station.

The protesters came with a final plan to move the gathering to Marble Arch at 12.30.

From Marble Arch the demonstrators marched to Oxford Circus. They were shouting “freedom” and some of the posters contained messages like “stop controlling us” and “no more lockdowns”. Other slogans carried by the demonstrators were “ditch the face masks” and “no to mandatory masks”.

Many protestors marched to Hyde Park, Carnaby Street and Regent Street.

Video by Ghila Evansky

The traffic on Regent Street was stopped due to police attempts to detain and handcuff people on the ground. On the police actions, many of the protestors answered with booing and chants of “shame on you”.

London was not the only place that protests took place. In the French capital Paris, thousands of people marched today against the security law which will limit sharing images of police.

The protests came a few days after the country was shocked by footage which shows police officers who beat and racially abused a Black man.

Words: Vanya Petyova | Subbing: Dina Nazari

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