Anti-lockdown protests – Who goes out and why?

Photograph: Unsplash | Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Another anti-lockdown protest is to take place on the 31st of October 12:00pm, kicking off at Crystal palace which Voice of London will report from the scene.

It can be an onerous work to keep up with the number of different protests that are happening around London. The most recent objection of the Polish abortion laws, #ENDSARS, and dismays surrounding the proposed UK-US trade deals are just a few of the latest marches. But there is one that seems to become regular.

More than a dozen people were arrested last Saturday on the previous #WeDoNotConsent Stand Up X protest “for a variety of offences”, according to MET Police. But who are these people and what do they want?

  • Join us tomorrow (31.10.2020) from 12:00pm via live Tweets. We will ask protesters their take on predictions about London moving into tier 3 in a few weeks, and more.

Key figures:

Conspiracy theorist David Icke and his sons, Gareth and Jaymie Icke

Facebook has removed David’s official profile from the platform for “repeatedly violating our policies on harmful misinformation”. The false claims include suggestions that 5G networks and Jewish groups were responsible for the spread of Covid-19.


Route of the previous anti-lockdown march in central London on 24 October 

Kate Shemirani

Similarly to the Icke family’s male members, Shemirani is discouraging people of wearing face masks and social distancing and disseminating fictitious claims about the dangers of vaccination.

There is no scientific evidence supporting any of these claims.

Regular speakers also include ‘Nacho’ and Piers Corbyn.

There are large intersections between the types of attendees, but they can be classified into three main groups:

Anti-scientists and anti-establishment advocates:

A major part of the participants of the Stand Up X anti-lockdown marches are the science deniers. They compare Covid-19 with seasonal flu and believe the virus is nearly not as dangerous as the mainstream media, politicians, health advisors and other professionals depict it.

Some of the voices tend to lose touch with reality, asserting that Bill Gates’ vaccine – the same one that allegedly already paralysed thousands in India and Africa – will be rolled out to the wider public. In reality, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was one of the main contributors in the project that helped in the eradication of polio in Africa.

They believe that 5G is roasting our brains and Covid-19 test have a 7% accuracy. Whereas the NHS home tests kits are to be known for their near 90% precision.

The freedom fighters:

They claim that wearing masks, going into lockdowns, living the “new normal” way is not acceptable, and governments are depriving us of our basic human rights. Some go as far as claiming the lockdowns are unlawful.

The opportunists:

England went into a full lockdown in March – alongside many other countries – and all non-essential stores and businesses were forced to stay shut until the summer. Since then, some of the restrictions were lifted then re-imposed in certain areas. No doubt many feel like their social needs are not being satisfied and taking on the streets with a few thousand other households can feel very tempting.


Words: Norbert Tarnoczi | Subbing: Grace Staley

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