Three Spotify playlists to withstand your boisterous flatmates

Photo: Bruce Mars | Unsplash

Being in London means most of us are confined to our flats and houses. And what’s more, most of us have to share them with other people which makes focusing on your undertakings during this time just a little challenging.

If you are one of the lucky ones who live with friends or a partner, good for you! But this does not mean that your eardrums are resistant to your cohabitant’s fifth Zoom call, HIT training, Xbox, or whatever it is they make unbearable noise with – let alone if a couple resides in the adjoining bedroom.

Studying or working from cafés is not the safest option these days and libraries have limited capacities too. So, get your noise-cancelling headphones ready, because we will show you the three best playlists on Spotify to keep out the external voices and preserve your nerves while working from home:

Picture: Unsplash | @designecologist


Are you the type that needs five alarms before arising from the bed? – Deep House Relax (no words):

A perfect balance of ups and downs – License to Chill:

The “try to not remember your ex” playlist – Morning Acoustic:

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned playlists do not guarantee productive working hours.

Words: Norbert Tarnoczi | Sub: Dina Nazari

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