10 things that make life better right now

Photo by: Cristian Newman. Photo from: Unsplash

Even though Oxford Street has never been emptier, life in London can still seem stressful and hectic, so here are some things that have been helping me endure the pandemic and lockdown 2.0. 

  1. Actually, appreciating parks and sunshine. Since all the shops closed I have been going out to all the green spaces in London, including Richmond Park that I had not been to yet. It was pretty cold but the sun came out and cleared up the foggy day, helping me spot some dears.

    Photo by Monika Groening

  2. Having a bit of a lie-in. I think we can all agree that the whole home office situation has some perks, like being able to snooze the alarm a little longer in the morning because you don’t have to commute.

    Photo by: @spanic | Unsplash

  3. Baking cinnamon buns – or anything comforting with lots of cinnamon, because let’s be real – it’s the season.

    Photo by: @themephotos | Unsplash

  4. Watching dogs in parks. Studies show that people with pets are generally 10% happier than people who don’t. I’m not saying violate your tenancy contract and get a dog – having a stroll through Regents Park can be enough.

    Photo by: @joeyc | Unsplash

  5. Doing a deep-clean of your flat. A week ago we got out gloves and all the sprays we owned and did up our house. You want to be comfortable in the place you’re spending so much time in now.

    Photo by: @uniqueton | Unsplash

  6. Taking a bath (if you can). We all love a comforting, foamy bath from time to time, especially as it starts getting chilly out. Light a candle and pull up your favourite Netflix show!

    Photo by: @ricrawfo | Unsplash

  7. Going back in your camera roll and reminiscing looking at old holiday pictures. It might be painful, but it can be sweet too.

    Photo by: @joshhild | Unsplash

  8.  Calling someone you care about and telling them how you really feel. Staying positive is important now, but sometimes doing the exact opposite can help. Open up to someone you trust and have a good DMC.

    Photo by: @guillealvarez | Unsplash

  9. Having a board game night with your flatmates instead of watching another rom-com on Netflix. Alcohol can be involved.

    Photo by: @jonnybenitez | Unsplash

  10.  Invest in some scented candles or incense. Fairy lights also do the trick to get some warm light into your room, making for the perfect cosy hideaway when it’s rainy and miserable outside.

    Photo by: @joshboot | Unsplash

Words: Monika Groening | Subbing: Monika Laimaite

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