10 Films to add to your watchlist

Everyone likes a good movie. But sometimes it’s just too time-consuming to find the right one. We’re bringing in another list of 10 noteworthy films that may have been forgotten by many. No soulless franchises and no remakes, only the good stuff. Choose one that suits your tastes the most, and then come back for another one.

1. Memento

If you are one of those who are fascinated with little details, you should see Memento. It’s a film with so many riddles that will make you think twice. Make sure you don’t blink too much.

2. Atomic Blonde

Continuous satisfaction and adrenaline rushes. There’s no chance you’ll be falling asleep while watching this one. If you were looking for a female John Wick, well, you just got it.

3. Watchmen

Do you ever get tired of Marvel movies? Do you ever wonder: what next super powerful hero/god they will think of? It gets old, but Watchmen doesn’t. It’s a lesser-known superhero film by DC Comics. The characters are well developed, interesting, not overpowered (i.e. they cannot annihilate the moon with the blink of an eye), and the story isn’t cliché. All in all, it’s definitely a solid choice for fantasy lovers.

4. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

It probably should be named the King of CGI. Fans of Tolkien’s LOTR have probably seen it already, but have you? The name explains the story, but there’s much more going on. Critics were disappointed with the movie because it didn’t pass the ‘ultimate franchise test’, but on the other hand, franchises are usually disappointing anyways.

5. Rush

When legendary Formula 1 driver Nikki Lauda asked Daniel Brühl “what’s the hardest thing about playing me?”, he answered: “the fact that you’re still alive”. You don’t have to be a fan of this particular sport to watch it. It’s a story of two completely antagonistic drivers that left a giant footprint on the history of the sport. If Lauda was satisfied with the movie, undoubtedly you will be too. 

6. Kubo and the Two Strings

A beautiful story that can be watched by anyone, with anyone. This is animation, but not as you know it. For everything you see in the film, there’s a separate prop, mask, figure or statue. This is truly a work of art in the animation industry. 

7. Four Rooms

You’ve seen all Quentin Tarantino’s films, but have you? Four Rooms is one of his older movies that represent what sort of arthouse he comes from. Spoiler, he plays a role as well. Make sure you don’t stop watching after the first room, we promise, it gets weirdly better.

8. New Gods: Nezha Reborn 

Stuffed with action and plot twists throughout the movie, there will be plenty of “wait, what’s going on?” moments. This Chinese animated film has a lot to it. The story develops fast and it doesn’t give you a minutes break. The animation certainly states new standards for the industry and the creators have already promised plenty of new releases.

9. Bad times at the El Royale

A second hotel film on this list? It’s just a good place for a twisted plot. Don’t expect to understand anything at the beginning of the film, just make sure to enjoy each character separately (while you can).

10. This is England

Two sides of the skinhead culture. One that loves having fun, celebrating life, and the other that fiercely blames immigrants for their problems. This is a serious film, with many heart-warming and soul-destroying moments.

Written by: Ksystof Ogint | Subbing by: Peter Trythall

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