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Petra Collins’ impact on the world of fashion aesthetics

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The New York City based visual artist and photographer is a trailblazer for creating a creative safe space for girls to be protected from the male gaze. Through pastel touched images that capture the female perception of authority, beauty and otherworldly nature of the young female experience. Reporter: Andrew Whiteford | Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton Definite, the candid 23-year-old spends most of her creative energy into snapping other people, but she also believes that because you are taking photo of somebody else, that it does not mean it does not reflect you. “The selfie, particularly, has revolutionised the way that we are able to characterise ourselves,” she says. “It makes it possible for people who have little representation to create images of their own, and because of social medi

Zendaya To Receive An Award For Her Shoe Range

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The Disney star is to win an award for her footwear collection, Daya by Zendaya. Reporter: Zynab Sandhu | Sub-Editor: Alma Fabiani  The 20 year old will be receiving the Launch of the Year award at the 2016 Footwear News Achievement Awards on Monday 29th November in New York. She is ‘honoured’ to be winning the award, telling Footwear News: “This year has been a big year and I am honoured as a 20 year old to be next to such powerful people in this creative space that I look up to so much.” The shoe collection, formerly known as Sole by Daya, was relaunched this autumn offering innovative shoe design. Zendaya herself described the shoe line as ‘luxury’ without the huge price tag. Talking to Instyle about her collection, she said: “I think that women, and not just women becaus