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VoL news debrief vol. 2

VoL news debrief vol. 2

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Six news stories you may have missed this week. Here is quick read for those without earphones. Muswell Hill Broadway in Haringey has been revealed as the healthiest high street in London. West Green Road, three miles away, is the unhealthiest. Imperial College developed a new software that predicts pedestrians' behaviours to help driverless cars avoiding hitting them. There has been a record number of people sleeping rough in London between July and September. Lecturers from imperial college will soon be appearing in hologram f...
YouTubers are whispering their way into the millions

YouTubers are whispering their way into the millions

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Bizarre props, hypnotising hand motions, quirky roleplay concepts, and more — what started out as a niche sub-genre on YouTube is beginning to gain prominence for its therapeutic purpose and surprising profitability. Another restless night, another couple of hours of precious sleep thrown to the wind in exchange for mindless browsing on YouTube. I don't know how I got here, but suddenly there’s a young blonde woman on screen. smiling disarmingly before leaning in to whisper: “Hey!” After less than a minute of introducing the video, she brings out a makeup brush and strokes its bristles before running it over the surface of the microphone. The resulting noise? A soft, and very strange, kind of scratching. She leans in and away from the microphone while she rambles and brushes

It’s only a game: the twists and turns of dating in an online jungle

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Words: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing: Kate Reichardt If you use or are considering using online dating apps to find a hook-up or partner - it may not be so easy. We all have an idea of the best dating apps that suit us. But there is no magical formula for getting the result that you want. You never know what you're going to get, or what agenda lies behind the screen... The Voice of London went out to hear what fellow Londoner's had to say about popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and - it was enlightening to say the least.   Background music: courtesy of    

Voice of London Radio | Episode 2

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With the success of the first episode, here is round two. With features including the reopening of Fabric and the well renowned Winter Wonderland, this show brings together the best of London's arts and culture. While others may disagree, our radio team breaks the barriers, providing you with your weekly dose of news and culture; by millennials, for millennials. Check out two other stories from the team that unfortunately, weren't featured within the show;