Lockdown Diaries #1: mindless online shopping and lockdown fashion

Photo credit: Arturo Rey on Unsplash

We are introducing a new podcast series, “Lockdown Diaries,” as a record of the thoughts and feelings young Londoners experience during these difficult times. Expect to hear about topics including independence, fashion and social media.

The first episode is about fashion and shopping in lockdown. Fashion merchandise management student, Aya, joined Voice of London to share her side. Coming to London from Tokyo to study, she gives her insight into the changing industry.

We talked about comfort versus style, dressing for the occasion and impulsive online shopping. Aya touched on the lack of sustainability in Japan and her experience as a fashion student here in London.

“Some of my friends are buying new clothes for the lockdown. Maybe they want to dress up in the house and enjoy their lockdown. I just want to feel comfortable in my room and feel normal”

To hear all about it, tune in here…

Music credit: Sleepy Cat by Alejandro Magaña on Mixkit

Words and voice: Begum Kuruc | Subbing: Maelina Hassel

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