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Spice Girls take over London

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If you've ever wondered what being a fan of a band is like, well, there's no way you can miss out on the new SpiceUp Exhibition in London. You can admire costumes from various world tours and video appearances, dolls, flasks, lunch boxes, plates, cups, Christmas crackers, toys, biscuits and cushions. There are also cake toppers, jigsaws, radios, magazines, Easter eggs, Pepsi cans, drinking glasses, handbags, three Aprilia mopeds and dozens of packets of Walkers crisps. Whether you've ever sang out loud wannabe in the 90s (or still do). Here's a little photogallery of the exhibition.     SpiceUp London ends August 20th. Get your tickets here.
M.I.A. Asks Fans To Create Their Own Merch To Help The Environment

M.I.A. Asks Fans To Create Their Own Merch To Help The Environment

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The singer who recently released her fifth studio album, AIM, has provided emblems and designs to produce their own t-shirts and jumpers. Reporter: Andrew Whiteford | Sub-Editor: Alex Clement  M.I.A. has tweeted to her 695,000 followers that she did not want to create a new line of merchandise due to the effect it has on sweatshops and the environment. She came up with a new alternative, allowing her fanbase to get creative and design their own fashion. Today, she uploaded ideas to her website so people can get creative with some basic designs and vectors provided for free. She tweeted: It’s shown to be a popular idea amongst environment activist groups and her fans. The Sri Lankan musician has consistently used her global reach as a way to educate on environmental is