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Naughty or Nice? Kylie Jenner has both

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After a long wait made of “what if” and “when?” Kylie Jenner finally revealed the brand new holiday collection for her cosmetics line. This year Kylie did spare no expenses and on the 22nd of November, the Kylie Cosmetics is going to launch two eye-shadow palettes: Naughty and Nice. Both of the palettes offer a choice of six mattes and six shimmer shades with very Christmassy names such as “Unwrap me”, “Ho ho ho” or “Gingersnap”. In other words, the perfect way to get you in the holiday mood. While the Nice palette presents a lighter choice of shades tending to mild orange and nudes, the Naughty one has darker shades with a pine green, deep red and shimmer gold and silver. Compared to the last year's entire coll

Too Faced launched a new unicorn collection and Internet is not reacting well

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2017 has been the year of unicorns taking over basically everything, from clothes, to drinks with the crazy “unicorn Frappuccino” trend, to crazy holographic and glittery make-up ideas. And when you think the hype for it was gone, here it is Too Faced launching a brand new unicorn make-up collection. But It looks like the internet has different opinions on this, not only on the launch date planned for February 2018, but also for the quality of the product. The “Life is A Festival Mood” collection has a peace & love rainbow palette for

Cosplay & Fashion: what you don’t know

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The fashion part in the production of cosplay’s costumes is in the shadow, and it is time for it to come to light. When you hear the word cosplay, you probably think of people dressed up as superheroes or manga’s characters, linking this subculture more to an entertainment world rather than fashion and beauty. But, did you ever wonder what’s behind their costumes? How long it took to sew and craft their dresses? If they bought something or if they made accessories by themselves? If you’re curious about this hidden part of cosplay watch our interview with the cosplayer @fumiko_amane and browse our gallery to learn more about the techniques required to make incredible costumes. @Fumiko_Amane as Adepta Sororitas from Warhammer 40k The costume is hand

4 Halloween make-up so easy you can do with your eyes closed

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If you still didn't find your look for Halloween, here's our suggestions on 4 easy make-up you can slay at every spooky occasion. CAT Go for the classic cat look that never gets old for a Halloween costume. What you need? Eyeliner! Use it to draw your cute kitty nose, whiskers and the inevitable cat-eyes.   WEDNESDAY ADDAMS If your willpower to live is basically zero and your sarcasm reaches the highest levels, you might consider to dress up as the famous daughter of the Addams’ family. You just need all black dress, two long braids on the side with hair parted in the middle and a black lipstick to slay that Halloween mood.   POP UP GI