Naughty or Nice? Kylie Jenner has both

After a long wait made of “what if” and “when?” Kylie Jenner finally revealed the brand new holiday collection for her cosmetics line.

This year Kylie did spare no expenses and on the 22nd of November, the Kylie Cosmetics is going to launch two eye-shadow palettes: Naughty and Nice.

Both of the palettes offer a choice of six mattes and six shimmer shades with very Christmassy names such as “Unwrap me”, “Ho ho ho” or “Gingersnap”. In other words, the perfect way to get you in the holiday mood. While the Nice palette presents a lighter choice of shades tending to mild orange and nudes, the Naughty one has darker shades with a pine green, deep red and shimmer gold and silver.

Image by @KylieJenner via Instagram story

Compared to the last year’s entire collection, made of exclusive eyeliner, lip kits, miniature sets, and eye-shadow palette, the one from this year seems to be less “extra” and more practical. However, we all know how much Kylie loves suspense so she is probably going to drop some new surprises very soon. And honestly, we cannot wait.

Words: Miriam Cocuzza | Subbing: Kadie Eve

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