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The new way of shopping in London

The new way of shopping in London

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Step away from the mainstream and discover the hidden gems that make London one of the most fashionable cities in the world! When shopping in London we usually head straight to the same old tourist-dodging streets and we end up buying the same clothes that everyone else wears. But the city has endless possibilities when it comes to organising the shopping trip of your dreams. The only thing you need to know is where to point your feet. We went on a search for the best, most unique independent shops in the heart of London but instead of wandering around every quiet back street in the area, we turned to an app to help us with directions and some retail therapy inspiration. Knomi is not just an app. It is an experience, and every fashion lover who wants to get away from the madness tha...
Personal Trainers or Personal Predators?

Personal Trainers or Personal Predators?

Tell me oh wise personal trainer, does the green button on the treadmill mean go? I'm a woman, so I don't know these things.  Reporter: Lateefa Farah|Subeditor: Gabby Espinet As a women, the gym can sometimes hold the same atmosphere as a bar; where all eyes are on you (not trying to sound vain at all). There’s a difficulty of telling the difference between a personal trainer or personal predator. Dave (name has been changed for privacy purposes), personal trainer at The Gym states: “ we normally approach clients like you would a stranger, you get to know them first. You start off with small talk, to see what they do — which then gives you a hint of how much they earn.” If a lot of you also haven’t noticed, majority of male personal trainers clients are women. I went under investi

8 Beauty Instagramers Worth Following

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Ever been stuck on what makeup look to go for? These instagramers can help you. Reporter: Amina Sadik | Kat L’Aiguille 1. Huda Beauty Most of you will already follow the beautiful Huda Kattan , but if you don't then what are you waiting for...   2. Nikkie tutorials For crazy unique makeup looks nikkietutorials is the perfect girl to follow   3. Stephanie Lange 4. Babs beauty       5. Chelseasmakeup     6. Swetlanapetuhova   7. Dalalid   Middle eastern Instgramer, for everyday makeup looks   8. Maccosmetics