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Make some space this weekend for some new-age horror ’cause the spooky season’s just begun

Make some space this weekend for some new-age horror ’cause the spooky season’s just begun

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Hollywood has been pretty busy churning out new and dangerous thrillers for a few years now. So why are we still binging on those dusty classics for our scare-fest? Okay give me a second to convince you. Sure, American psycho is brilliantly crazy but I bet you can find a new tickle spot for your spooky bone this season by watching movie Split’s deadly beast. Or relive the creepy joker phantasm with It, follow the hot mysterious avatar of Archie Andrews solving murders in Riverdale, or just live in the silent solitude with A quiet place. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with this fear-inducing, dreadful, fun-tastic selection for your Halloween binge diet. The Witch Begin the weekend with some classic witch-scare-business, and appreciate the power of serious sound eff
Top five horror books to read this Halloween

Top five horror books to read this Halloween

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Ready to face the scariest time of the year? Then snuggle up in a warm blanket, get your cup of tea and buy yourself a night lamp.We’ve conjured up 5 of the eeriest reads this October to make your Halloween spookier than any other and impossible for you to sleep with the lights off. Enjoy and stay spooky…   Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King What better time to read a Stephen King novel than now? With 'IT' hitting your screens just last months, we've decided to recommend you a brand new King newest release. Without giving any spoilers, their novel follows a married couple, Clint and Lila Norcross, living in a tiny, poor Appalachian town in West Virginia. Clint is a psychiatrist at the local women’s prison and Lila is the town sheriff. Sudden outbreak occurs, whe

The evolution of British horror films

Words: Claudia Jackson | Subbing: Tracey Popoola Speaking to horror expert Darrell Buxton, we look at the changes the British horror films have seen from the very beginning to today's slashers and freight-fueled films. British horror films are known to break genre boundaries. In 1973 The Wicker Man shocked audiences with an eerily unsettling horror set in broad daylight. Before that, in 1960 Peeping Tom was one of Britain’s first glimpses at the now famed slasher. Although It is tricky to pin point when horror films first made a splash in Britain, they can be dated back to as the early 1900’s with films like The Doll’s Revenge (1907) which started a horror trend that still dominates the genre. Today, Tomas Alfredson’s Nordic-noir nightmare The Snowman arrives in cinemas. But the fi