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Who’s 0 will go? Where to watch Fury vs Wilder

Who’s 0 will go? Where to watch Fury vs Wilder

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The biggest and most anticipated fight of the year is happening this weekend as Deontay Wilder defends his WBC crown against Lineal champion Tyson Fury. So where can boxing fans get their fix in London on Sunday morning? Voice of London has got you covered with the map below. Tyson Fury has not faced a true test since his surprise, Fight of the Year victory against Wladimir Klitschko in Germany in 2015. Following this fight Fury’s weight ballooned as he struggled with mental health issues and he was stripped of all the gold he had won by beating the Ukrainian all-time great. After this Fury fell into a two-year hiatus and during this time, Deontay Wilder compiled victories against the likes of Luis Ortiz and Bermane Stiverne which firmly placed him at the top of the heavy
Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? Here are 5 websites to help you out

Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? Here are 5 websites to help you out

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When it comes to shopping in London our feelings are mixed. The variety and amount of shops to go to? We love that. Shopping surrounded by thousands of people and queueing for hours? No, thank you. Even if you are the type of person who prefers in-store shopping, you have to admit that Christmas is an exception. Going to Westfield or Oxford Street around this time of the year is a challenge. It feels like millions of Londoners have decided to do their shopping at the exact same time as you. Queues for the changing room, queues for the cash desk, it seems that people are everywhere. The ultimate goal is to get from one shop to another without being punched by someone in a hurry. But are holidays not supposed to bring peace and happiness? So how about we help you to avoid unnecessary

Spice up your medicine cabinet for Christmas

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Can you imagine taking peppercorns for weight loss or star anise as an aphrodisiac? What we regard as alternative medicine today has long existed as the only kind of available medicine. Approaching the mulled wine season, it is worth taking a look at how spices can benefit both your mental and physical condition. Keep them safe The American Spice Trade Association defines spices as ‘any dried plant product used primarily for seasoning purposes.’ Storage conditions are crucial for spices. Like any good wine or cheese, you have to treat them right to expect optimum condition. You should always keep an eye out for heat, moisture and air flows. If you have your spice cupboard above the oven, relocate it. Your fennel seeds will thank you. Heat and moisture affect a spice’s flavour

Wine tasting 101: a guide for the amateur wine enthusiast

Good wine is like good sex, there is a certain amount of technique and knowledge involved in the making, consumption and above all appreciation. While wine tasting has the reputation of an exclusively elaborate ritual, there are really only a couple of simple steps you need to remember. You need the right setting, the right tools, a nose for detail and a good aim. Choose your setting Wine tasting conditions determine a significant part of pleasure. You need to put all of your senses to work. An overcrowded and noisy environment can be distracting and concentration is key for grasping the complexity of a wine’s multidimensional body. A lot of artificial light and aggressive smells are things you will want to steer clear of. Anything too strong or bright could dominate over a wine’s col