Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? Here are 5 websites to help you out

When it comes to shopping in London our feelings are mixed. The variety and amount of shops to go to? We love that. Shopping surrounded by thousands of people and queueing for hours? No, thank you.

Even if you are the type of person who prefers in-store shopping, you have to admit that Christmas is an exception. Going to Westfield or Oxford Street around this time of the year is a challenge. It feels like millions of Londoners have decided to do their shopping at the exact same time as you.

Queues for the changing room, queues for the cash desk, it seems that people are everywhere. The ultimate goal is to get from one shop to another without being punched by someone in a hurry.

But are holidays not supposed to bring peace and happiness? So how about we help you to avoid unnecessary stress with our online shopping suggestions.

Photo by Zornitsa Valkova

If you still haven’t decided what to buy and which brand to get it from, then here is our selection of five affordable online shops, which offer a wide variety of items for all genders and tastes.

  1. ASOS
    This one is all about variety. There is a wide range of not only items but also of prices, sizes, deliveries and returns. You name it they have it. With its new try-before-you-buy service, ASOS became an even better place to go to for online shopping. Even better, their specific gift section with thousands of items within it will make your Christmas shopping even easier.

    Photo by Zornitsa Valkova

  2. Shein
    Is there anything better than buying clothing that looks like a designer piece but still fits your budget? Not really. And Shein is a great place for such designer look-alikes. On their website, you can find products inspired by big retail companies such as Gucci, Chanel and Kate Spade, looking just as stunning but way cheaper. Their style gallery is also outstanding. It displays their collaboration with various bloggers and offers the customers plenty of outfit inspiration.
  3. TK Maxx
    Talking about designer pieces, there are several places to find quality items from the actual gold labels on unbelievable discounts. TK Maxx is one of those. Whether you are shopping in-store or online, everyday will feel like Christmas with discounts up to 70%. You will definitely find something for everyone who was nice or naughty this year.
  4. Secretsales
    If you don’t come across what you are looking for at TK Maxx, there is always Secretsales to save the day with more designer items and huge discounts. For a decade now, the company has made its customers happy with up to 90% off products form a variety of big brands. This is the ultimate secret to finding high-quality presents for a cheaper price.
  5. TopShop & TopMan
    We cannot skip mentioning one of our favourite British companies. TopShop, together with TopMan, will never let you down when it comes to finding fresh and stylish items. From the simple basics to eye-catching and extravagant items, this brand will satisfy each and everyone’s taste. And if you need some style inspiration, their style gallery will offer you an idea of how to put together the perfect outfit.


Photo by Zornitsa Valkova

While each of those websites is an online department store, you can always head to the website of a specific retail company, such as Zara, River Island, Nike, Ted Baker, Aldo.

London at this time of the year is absolutely amazing. Christmas, however, makes shopping a crazy and dangerous activity. It is like a wild Black Friday that lasts a month.

So if you do not plan on visiting some unique, independent shops, it is quite essential to consider avoiding all the chaos by shopping from home. But however you decide to do your holiday shopping experience, we simply want to remind you to fully enjoy it.

Words: Zornitsa Valkova | Subbing: Victoire Bret, Kadie Eve

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