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Naughty or Nice? Kylie Jenner has both

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After a long wait made of “what if” and “when?” Kylie Jenner finally revealed the brand new holiday collection for her cosmetics line. This year Kylie did spare no expenses and on the 22nd of November, the Kylie Cosmetics is going to launch two eye-shadow palettes: Naughty and Nice. Both of the palettes offer a choice of six mattes and six shimmer shades with very Christmassy names such as “Unwrap me”, “Ho ho ho” or “Gingersnap”. In other words, the perfect way to get you in the holiday mood. While the Nice palette presents a lighter choice of shades tending to mild orange and nudes, the Naughty one has darker shades with a pine green, deep red and shimmer gold and silver. Compared to the last year's entire coll

Could You Do without Makeup?

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Women who wear makeup on a daily basis are used to hearing the comments: "You'd look so much better without it" and "Don't you know how bad it is for your skin?" We've heard the rumours that it clogs our pores and causes our skin to age prematurely, but us beauty junkies can't get out of our daily makeup-wearing routine. After reading this, you may find that we never have to! Reporter: Pinar Djafer | Sub-editor: Grace Brown Over the years, makeup skills have gotten a lot more advanced. With all the new contouring and application techniques, London has become a catwalk of beauty gurus. For most women, wearing makeup daily gives them the satisfaction of knowing that they look their absolute best. Some ladies just enjoy sporting the artistic skills that they have picked up over the y

What Will M.A.C Lipsticks Smell Like as a Perfume?

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M.A.C Cosmetics just keep on surprising and gifting us with new releases and as it's the time of year for giving, we're very thankful. They have done it again with yet another product launch, but this time it's something for all us perfume and lipstick fanatics. Written by: Jessica Penfold | Sub-editor: Pinar Djafer M.A.C aren't just launching any old perfume. The six scents that will be released are ones inspired by some of their best-selling lipsticks. The brand has become renowned for their lip cosmetics and the smells to come will be all the sweet things we'd want to eat - such as vanilla. The perfume isn't the only thing that will be released, the inspired lipstick itself will be re-released in a limited edition packaging. M.A.C lovers will no doubt be eager to get their