What Will M.A.C Lipsticks Smell Like as a Perfume?

M.A.C Cosmetics just keep on surprising and gifting us with new releases and as it’s the time of year for giving, we’re very thankful. They have done it again with yet another product launch, but this time it’s something for all us perfume and lipstick fanatics.

Written by: Jessica Penfold | Sub-editor: Pinar Djafer

M.A.C aren’t just launching any old perfume. The six scents that will be released are ones inspired by some of their best-selling lipsticks. The brand has become renowned for their lip cosmetics and the smells to come will be all the sweet things we’d want to eat – such as vanilla.


Image from MACCosmetics.co.uk

The perfume isn’t the only thing that will be released, the inspired lipstick itself will be re-released in a limited edition packaging. M.A.C lovers will no doubt be eager to get their hands on more than one of the stunning shades. You will see the re-release of MyHeroine, CremeDeNude, LadyDanger, RubyWoo, CandyYumYum and VelvetTeddy. 

The collection launches online on November 30th, in Harrods on November the 25th, and all across the UK on December the 1st. We certainly wouldn’t say no to waking up to these sweet treats on Christmas morning. Eager to find out how these smell, we predict by the colour of the packaging that RubyWoo will have a seductive and musky scent and CandyYumYum will be cotton-candy infused.

Want to smell like your favourite lipstick? This is the collection for you.





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