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London art week

London art week

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This year Christmas arrived early for all the art lovers living in London. The famous London Art Week is back and ready to take over this week! More than 30 of London’s prestigious art galleries will be hosting this eye-opening event as well as three leading auction houses. The galleries will be open from 10am till 6 pm on weekdays and 11am till 5 pm on the weekends. Many people think London Art Week is for collectors and shoppers only but it is so much more than that. It is an incredible experience for anyone who is interested in art, the industry or just wants to spend a weekend looking at wonderful art works. No matter what you do or who you are, this event will be an uplifting experience that will add something to you. Here is a list of the galleries on where the e
Top five free libraries in London you must visit

Top five free libraries in London you must visit

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  London is a city filled with hidden treasures and this is my treasure map for you.  If you are a bookworm then this is the article is your pot of gold, but if you are not so keen on reading, stay with me - because here is a list of the top five free libraries in London and why you must visit them regardless.     The British Library The largest library in the world has been located right under your nose all this time. On Euston Road, 44 years have passed and the British Library is still standing strong with a collection of 13,950,000 books.  A heavenly place for book lovers. But what if you are not the biggest fan of reading? The British Library is not a home only for books but also holds various exhibitions. This month it’s Harry Potter: A History of

Speciality coffee in London

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Specialty coffee has arrived, and it's ready to dominate the streets of London. Independent coffee shops that are part of the ‘third wave’ coffee world have hit our city, meaning coffee lovers are happier than ever! If you’re someone who can’t start the day without a cup of coffee, then this is for you. Keep reading for a Voice of London exclusive with coffee owner, Sadiq Merchant to discover more about what the world of speciality coffee is really like. Words: Aylin Paula Karanis | Subbing: Katherine Docherty Video & Picture: Aylin Paula Karanis

Death by cocaine rises to all time high, so why is everyone still taking it?

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Words: Leanne Hall | Subbing: Ainaa Mashrique London is known as the Capital of cocaine in Europe. The Daily Mail recorded that an estimated 700,000 people in Britain took the class A drug last year. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also reported that deaths due to cocaine rose by 16 per cent, a total of 371 deaths this year. The two "reasons" for consuming cocaine revolves around keeping up with the city life. One student, The Voice of London News spoke to said cocaine usage is high “due to its availability and the incredibly long, hard hours that people work. They feel the need to let loose, and more often than not to get them through the shifts.” Gordon Ramsey, renowned chef and TV star, has also looked into the world of cocaine by recently releasing a documentary about