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Students In The Studio

Students In The Studio

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A common myth about pursuing a career in the arts is that the success rate is very low, which discourages and prevents a lot of individuals from going into what they love. You wouldn’t expect the girl that’s board folding a t-shirt to have a stellar range of abstract paintings in her bedroom, or that the boy behind the counter at Subway has a three octave vocal range. After speaking to multiple students studying art here at The University of Westminster, they offered insight into their work and the what has inspired them and their own works. In the cluttered art studios located in the Harrow campus, Taylor Ellis (second year digital art), Sarajane Martin (second year painter), Aidan Currie (first year sculpture) and Jenö Davies (first year sculpture) talked about their personal experien

White washed: Art bosses

Arts Council England (ACE) published its latest diversity figures and it shows that the industry is lacking in people of colour in executive positions. Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: Emily Fortune Darren Henley, head of Arts Council England, has stated that organisations should offer higher ranking positions to ethnic minorities in order to provide equal opportunities. At the moment, only 17% of workers that receive funding from ACE are from minority groups, with only 8% of minorities in chief executive positions. In a climate where diversity has come to the forefront of conversation, it is important for the creative industries to remain a part of the movement. Recently, the Oscar’s were accused of a lack of diversity in the nominated category, with big names from Jada and

Body and Art: Karis Crawford

As the female body image evolves, female artists are now more concerned than ever to keep us aware of the warts-and-all image that is the actual female form. Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford In 1866, French artist Gustave Courbet created the ‘Origin of the world’, illustrating close ups of the female genitalia, in its most honest form. The eroticism of the pieces was heightened by its true and rich representation, without the need for flattery or sugar coating. For the past years, girls around the world have been using art to express their own version of what female body image should represent. Amongst young artists in western society, it has become an increasing trend to be vulgar and unapologetic with their visuals. Through this, women are able to reclaim th

A-Level art history: a subject worth fighting for?

A-Level Art History students and teachers have won back their subject, but should we be happy about it? Reporter: Chloe Chapman | Sub- Editor: Cecilia Peruzzi Two weeks ago, A-level Art History was given a lifeline. The subject was set to be discontinued after Michael Gove declared it a ‘soft’ subject. This led to an uproar from students and teachers alike. Their raging campaign to change the government's mind proved successful but just how useful is this subject in the modern world? Many lump the subject under the category of ‘Art’ and see it as an easy one, taken by posh girls with no real academic substance. Those people, however, are wrong. Art history is a challenging academic subject that not only requires a substantial amount of reading and writing but also a good under