New Trend Alert: Glow-In-The-Dark Hair

Rave party amateurs and unicorn-obsessed people will get their Christmas presents early! It is now possible to have glow-in-the-dark hair through a new technique that uses black light sensitive hair dye.

Reporter: Alma Fabiani | Sub-editor: Zynab Sandhu

You’ve already tried all hair colours imaginable and want to try a new artificial hair colour before the New Year? After trends like pink, silver and rainbow hair, thanks to salons such as Bleach London, here’s the new phenomenon that’s taking over Instagram. This technology started popping up on social media feeds and bloggers’ websites after famous American colourist Guy Tang came up with the whole concept in Vogue in West Hollywood.

Rainbow glow-in-the-dark hair. Credit: Instagram

Rainbow glow-in-the-dark hair. (Credit: Instagram)

If you’d like to try this new hairstyle but can’t afford the return flight to Los Angeles, here’s the good news: you’ll be able to find two hairdressers in London that do it through special appointments. The first salon is our favourite one; the one that has been mentioned a few times already on Voice of London, Bleach London. You’ll also be able to book a special appointment at  East London’s beauty temple Barber & Parlour where you can get a manicure while sipping on a fancy cocktail. Because this new hair do isn’t very common just yet, the prices aren’t available online.

However, you can also attempt to achieve this temporary look at home quite easily and for way less than what’s expected in a salon. For starters, your hair needs to be a light colour. The lighter your hair, the better, so a bleachy blonde colour is the perfect base. Once this is taken care of, use Manic Panic Amplified Semi Permanent Hair Colours and apply on bleached hair.

Pink glow-in-the-dark dye. Credit:

Pink glow-in-the-dark dye. (Credit:

Colours available for glow-in-the-dark hair. Credit:

Colours available for glow-in-the-dark hair. (Credit:

These hair dyes are UV reactive and will also glow under black light. Ta-da!

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