Just Eat’s takeaway delivered by a robot to your door

Just Eat has made history when its robot delivered takeaway from a Turkish restaurant in Greenwich.

Reporter: Yueer Wang | Sub-editor: Maria-Christina Chougkaeva


Credit: Just Eat

The robot is a box on six wheels, which is built by Starship Technologies. It is big enough to carry up to 10 kg of large food packages such as pizza. The robot is designed with a locked lid, which can be opened via a link the customer receives though the app. If in any case someone forces the lid open, it immediatel0y captures the face of the “food thief’’through the nine cameras installed on the box.

Starship Technologies stated that the robot can deliver food within a three-mile radius, and it takes five to 30 minutes to complete a delivery.


Credit: Just Eat

London is expected to see more trials of the transport droits in the following months. Graham Corfield, the managing director of Just Eat told Daily Mail: “we’re working towards a larger rollout of the pilot program across London in the New Year.”

The emerge of delivery robots makes us wonder…will it replace labour? Marketing and Communications manager at Starship Technologies, Henry Harris-Burland told the Guardian: “we’re hoping that with all the robot handlers we’ll need, it will create jobs overall.”

So we just have to wait till New Year to see if what Mr. Harris Burland stated is actually true.




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