Is London No Longer Attractive for Expats?

The United Kingdom’s capital is rated one of the world’s least attractive cities for quality of life, health and personal happiness, the expat survey says.

Reporter: Alina Isachenka | Sub-Editor: Mariya Grinina

Is London to become less attractive for foreigners? Source:

Is London to become less attractive for foreigners? Source:

According to InterNations – one of the world’s leading Expat communities – London is rated as one of the worst cities to live for an outsider. Internations surveyed 14,000 participants and found out that people are unhappy living in London granting it 47th place out of 67 countries. London comes in at 34th position for quality of life and still remains one of the most expensive cities to live in landing at 53rd place in survey.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is leading the rating this year. Not only did the East Asian country wins first place for quality of life but it is also named as the number one expat destination in 2016.


Top expat destinations 2016. Source: Internations

Top expat destinations 2016. Source: Internations

This statistic may come as a surprise, given a fact that the UK issued over half-a-million visas in 2016 alone – this is a bit more than the population of Malta.

Does this finding suggest that the number of expats coming to London will shrink, especially after the Brexit happened?

“The impact that Brexit will have on expats’ perceptions of London and the UK in general is still unclear, especially since the High Court’s Article 50 ruling on November 3rd, which may delay any political action even further. Nonetheless, it is unlikely to have a positive effect on expats living and working in London,” Internations survey said.

Nonetheless, London is still an attractive place for job seekers – The UK’s capital came seventh in the most attractive cities to work in category.

“Overall, job satisfaction is fairly good at 69%, which is just a bit higher than the global average of 64%.”


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