Is Holly Willoughby your Queen of the Jungle?

Barbican Conservatory. Picture by Ugne Maladauskaite
Harry Redknapp took the crown on Sunday, but is Holly really our winner?

Glued to our TV screens every night at 9pm, hoping to watch celebrities crumble under the pressure, waiting for them to scream ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’.

Well, after three long weeks of, screaming, trails and kangaroo testicles the hit ITV show has finally come to an end.

The final which took place on Sunday overjoyed its fans with former football manager Harry Redknapp being crowned the King of the Jungle – the first King since 2014.

Holly Willougby plucked up the courage to take the role of Ant McPartlin for 3 weeks, in order for him to focus on maintaining his health after his recently public struggle with addiction.

While many fans of the show, were sad to not see Ant on screen, scared that no one would be able to compare to the onscreen relationship Ant & Dec with one another. The This Morning co-host soon became the nations love, with many tuning in to see the stars outfits, and to watch her reactions to trails as well as the actual campmates.

Those who watch the show, took to social media to praise the star for tackling the role:

Anwser the poll below:

Is Holly your winner?


Words: Shannon Pinnock | Subbing: Raquel Pacheco


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