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How safe is your area in London?

The number of murders recorded by the Metropolitan Police in London has increased by 51% in a year.

London has more than 8 million people, which consists 13% of the UK population and makes up 17% of the UK murder rate.

According to the Metropolitan Police’s data, the total crime reported in London reaches 897,863 in a year. Murder offences reach 143 cases in total, with Hackney, Newham and Southwark being boroughs with the highest number of victims (9). Zero offences were committed in Bexley, Harrow, Sutton.

London consists 13% of the UK population and makes up 17% of the UK murder rate
* Graphic credit: Min Zhu

Westminster has the highest reported crime offences during the past year and has 26,905 violence against a person crimes, which include murder, assault, and causing grievous bodily harm.

*Graphic credit: Metropolitan Police

Kingston-upon-Thames has the lowest rate among London boroughs, with 24,097 reported cases.

*Graphic credit: Metropolitan Police
Top 5 Safest neighbourhood to live in:


*photo credit: Keith Hardy, Unspalsh image

Just 10 miles southwest of Charing Cross, this beautiful neighbourhood with plenty of shops and a busy riverside can bring you directly to London Waterloo station within 30 minutes.


*Photo credit: Min Zhu

Sutton is the kind of place where you want to lay down roots. This suburb in the South West of London brings tranquillity into your life, with one of the highest performances of education in the country, and a weekly host farmer market in the town centre.


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Harrow brings you the slow pace of life. It is renowned for the number of independent schools, including the Harrow School for Boys. It sits at the northwestern corner of London, only 30 minutes away from the city of Westminster by tube.


* Photo by Piotr Wieczorek on Unsplash

Richmond-upon-Thames in southwest London is famous for the spectacular view. It attracts many tourists from both in and outside the country to enjoy lunch along the riverside or relax in one of the most beautiful parks in London.


*Graphic photo: Google Maps

Bexley in southeast London gives you the village living experience with both low living cost and friendly community spirits. The suburb is full of gorgeous green areas you can enjoy.

How safe is your local area in London?

Check the list below to see the murder rates that have been reported during the past eight years:

*Graphic credit: Min Zhu

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Words: Min Zhu Subbing: Leyi Chen, Sorcha Gilheany