Five tips for How to cut your food budget and get the Christmas presents you wanted

It is Christmas time. Winter is here, Santa Clause is coming and we are browsing for presents to put under the Christmas tree. This would be our favourite part of the year, if we were not twenty with a part time job, constantly living on a financial edge. After talking with a couple of young adults in this situation, Voice of London Food compiled a list of top five best and easiest advices to keep both our stomachs and pockets full.

Reporter: Ivelina Nikolova | Sub-editor: Elitsa Grigorova

1.Get inspired from groups like Feed Yourself for £1

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Have you heard of Pat Parker? This is an incredible lady, who created a whole community by proving that it is absolutely possible to live with £1 a day. Thousands of people are reading her cooking blog and follow her low budget plan. As you call for a change in your mindset to start saving, Pat’s advices will be your needed motivation.

“Cutting your budged is demanding. Every year I am reminding myself: ‘Please, Celia be a good girl, don’t go out every Friday and get your mother a cashmere jumper’. It is so hard, though.”

Celia, 22, East London

2. Buy reduced food and supermarkets’ labels.

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Everyone, who is cutting their budget is relying on the reduced section in their local shop. From fresh almost expired food to discounted goods, this is what you look for. Bigger quantity is often cheaper. Plus, supermarkets’ labels are always on a better price.

“I am actually glad I am sharing a house with a lot of people because we combine our money and buy food for the whole week. The cheaper, the more; The more, the better.[haha]”

John, 21, Stratford

3. Go to your local market in the evening and find super cheap deals for fresh vegetables and fruit

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Who would have thought that markets can be affordable since we are so used to Asda’s and Tesco’s common and inexpensive fruit. Going to the market after the real working day is over is a smart decision, as you end up with low-priced but organic fruit and vegetables. You can make delicious fresh salads and cook with an excellent quality products as if you are not on a budget diet.

“I discovered the advantage of living near the Borough Market last year. One day I was getting back home when I hears the sellers screaming: ‘Three for one! Three parsnips on the price of one!’ I turned and found the organic Poundland. Now I go there every week.”

Tom, 23, Southwark

4. Cook!

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

It is high time you stop ordering food but start making your own delicious dishes. It doesn’t have to be demanding. Pasta or rice, soup or salad, the choice is yours. Perhaps, you will improve your eating habits and feel better in the end, while saving money, of course.

“Since I started cooking, I have become so much more considerate about what I am eating. Tomato-basil pasta is way better than the usual amount of McDonalds.”

Linda, 22, Canada Water 

5. Prepare your own take away food box

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

Photo by: Ivelina Nikolova

This is crucial when saving money. We are used to buying snacks and munching all the time. The results in gaining weight and spending a lot of money for nothing. Instead, put the food you cooked in a box and take it with you to work, university, walk. This way you will always have something to eat when get hungry but won’t spend a penny.

“I thought I will never become one of those people at the tube, opening their lunch boxes and eating in a hurry. Well, here I am, talking to you. I find it super convenient to bring your own food everywhere, and you are not spending at all.”

Anna, 24, London

To sum up, Christmas is the best part of the year and the worst time for our funds. After we suggested you how to save money and have the best holiday, there is no room for worries. Besides, becoming an economisers, you may find yourselves with better eating and living habits. Marry Christmas!

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