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“Sometimes you get attacked also as a gay person” -Caester

“Sometimes you get attacked also as a gay person” -Caester

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Words: Fatima Nasir | Subbing: Bella Dawe An increasing number of individuals from the LGBT community have been applying for asylum in the United Kingdom in recent years. Two thirds of the claims submitted in 2017 were rejected with only 26.08% being successful but these statistics don't stop people in desperate need for protection against the homophobic laws and societies of their home countries making applications. The U.K. is a hotspot for the escapees due to its diversity and acceptance of people from all walks of life. There are still 80 countries worldwide where persecution by the law is possible due to one's gender identity and sexual preference or orientation. Anal sex, whether between two male partners or male and female partner is illegal in Trinidad and Tobago. The bigo...
Are high street stores transphobic?

Are high street stores transphobic?

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Last month a case of transphobia happened at Manchester Topshop, as Buzzfeed reported. We decided to follow up on the facts and try to understand the issues that trans people suffer. The trans umbrella covers a variety of people, not just the ones who choose to change their sex, and gender-specific changing rooms cause a number of problems for the community itself. Shops turn into another unsafe space, where transgender people can suffer harassment by CIS gender people (individuals, whose gender expression matches their assigned sex). In the last 12 months, the number of verbal and physical attacks have escalated on the LGBTQ community "For trans people, the findings are particularly alarming, showing that two in five trans people have experienced a hate crime or incident based on thei

Trans Londoners come out against benefits disruptions

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We all know how annoying changing your details for your bank, passport, or GP can be. Turns out when you're trans and you change your legal gender, the government delays your benefits. Many people are aware of the hurdles transgender people have to jump socially and medically. A poll by YouGov in 2015 even stated that 20% of Londoners would not support their child if they came out as trans. However, most are unaware of the administrative difficulties trans people can face. Changing the name and gender marker on their passport, bank account and NHS records can be time consuming and expensive. Transgender people have been in the spotlight for a while, especially since high profile celebrities such as comedian and London Mayoral candidate, Eddie Izzard came out. Tristan Jones,...

Death of Julian Aubrey sparks fear for the LGBT community in London

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Julian Aubrey, was found dead at his home in Earl's Court on Monday afternoon after suffering multiple knife wounds. Aubrey, 55, was the former co-chairman of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea LGBT liaison group. Voice of London spoke to two gay men from London to find out how safe they feel in London, following the news. Lewis King, 22, producer and director of the documentary ‘Drag Undressed’ said: “It puts into perspective that the LGBT+ community are still so far from equality. Yes we have pride marches and we have come a long way, but it still shows that in places we thought we were safe - such as London - we just aren't. As someone who goes out in makeup and high heels, I put myself in even more of a risk. It's does scare me but it won't stop me.” Ricardo