Death of Julian Aubrey sparks fear for the LGBT community in London

Credit: Yannis Papanastaspoulos

Julian Aubrey, was found dead at his home in Earl’s Court on Monday afternoon after suffering multiple knife wounds.

Aubrey, 55, was the former co-chairman of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea LGBT liaison group.

Voice of London spoke to two gay men from London to find out how safe they feel in London, following the news.

Lewis King, 22, producer and director of the documentary ‘Drag Undressed’ said:

“It puts into perspective that the LGBT+ community are still so far from equality. Yes we have pride marches and we have come a long way, but it still shows that in places we thought we were safe – such as London – we just aren’t. As someone who goes out in makeup and high heels, I put myself in even more of a risk. It’s does scare me but it won’t stop me.”

Credit: Lewis King.
Lewis marched in London’s pride event and is a keen LGBT+ activist

Ricardo Pereira, 24, a social worker who immigrated to London from Portugal told The Voice of London:

“I came to london with a dream of being myself and feel safe. I’m gay and I’m proud, stories like this makes us (LGBT) think about our safety every time that we ‘shout’ that we’re gay.”

Detectives are still appealing for witnesses to come forward surrounding the death of Julian Aubrey.

You can call 020 8358 0200 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you have any information.

Words: Charlotte Racher | Subbing: Michael Ward

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