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Students demand we abolish university fees and tax the rich

Students demand we abolish university fees and tax the rich

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Thousands of #FreeEdNow students marched through central London yesterday to demand free education for all - paid by taxing the rich. The demonstration follows a decision by Theresa May, to freeze university tuition fees to a maximum of £9,250. Last year, parliament raised fees by an extra £250, ignoring the original cap of £9,000. Why do students want to scrap fees? Graduates in the UK have the highest student debt in the world. Students will graduate with average debts of over 50,800 - according to an IFS report.  This includes students from poor backgrounds who will have loans to support them. Rhiannon Lockley, a university lecturer speaking at the demo says: “I’ve worked as a further education lecturer for 12-years, I’ve been privileged to share the journey of hundreds of ama

Trans Londoners come out against benefits disruptions

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We all know how annoying changing your details for your bank, passport, or GP can be. Turns out when you're trans and you change your legal gender, the government delays your benefits. Many people are aware of the hurdles transgender people have to jump socially and medically. A poll by YouGov in 2015 even stated that 20% of Londoners would not support their child if they came out as trans. However, most are unaware of the administrative difficulties trans people can face. Changing the name and gender marker on their passport, bank account and NHS records can be time consuming and expensive. Transgender people have been in the spotlight for a while, especially since high profile celebrities such as comedian and London Mayoral candidate, Eddie Izzard came out. Tristan Jones,...