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Interview with London K-Pop Dance Workshop

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Tammy, 30, founder and Caroline, 27, co-founder discuss the importance of their workshops and Korean culture in London. Reporter: Chelsea Jobe | Sub-editor: Martina Di Gregorio Sweat-soaked students spilled out of Abacus Studios to catch their breath. They had been learning a dance routine before I had arrived. Monster by South Korean boy group EXO. Speaking to Tammy, the founder of London K-Pop Dance Workshop, I asked why she started dance workshops specifically for Korean Pop music. "I wanted to learn a particular K-Pop dance so I looked on YouTube for videos. There were a lot of covers online and I didn’t realise it was a thing. I thought some of these people are doing it wrong, not that I know it but from watching it over and over again I was sure they were doing it wrong.
Review: The (Slightly Intoxicated) Girl On The Train

Review: The (Slightly Intoxicated) Girl On The Train

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Blunt brilliant, plot not so… Reporter: Ryan Elliott | Sub-Editor: Raynor Fry     We’ve all been there. You and a group of friends head to the cinema to watch an adaptation of a well-received book, with an air of expectation and anticipation cloaking all present. Time passes by, and before you know it, the flick comes to a finish. You, as well as others, begin offering critique to one another about what you’ve just watched, and of course, THAT friend pipes up. “The book was better,” They’ll say. How cliché. Here’s the thing though – they’re quite possibly correct. The Girl On The Train sadly became a classic example, and though Paula Hawkins’ book was a New York Times Best Seller, the film struggled for direction and substance from the word go. The film follows

See it before it’s gone: Abstract Expressionism

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Loved by Londoners and art critics, the Royal Academy exhibit is about to come to an end, closing on January 2nd. Below, the Voice of London reviews it for you. Reporter: Cecilia Peruzzi | Sub-Editor: Chloe Chapman "Unique". "Breathtaking". "Emotional". These are only some of the words visitors have used to describe the Royal Academy's latest exhibition, Abstract Expressionism. By the time it opened on September 24th, the show had already been five-starred by magazines and newspapers and praised by an enormous number of art critics. Comprising artists such as Pollock, De Kooning and Rothko, the exhibition brings together the major artists from the abstract expressionism movement, developed in the United States in the 1940s following World War II and putting New York City at the center...

Christmas Fragrance! Popstar’s Scent Will Go Down a Storm..

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Stormflower Noir has been relaunched and for good reason; Cheryl is back on top form and so is her most popular fragrance just in time for Christmas. Reporter - Chrys Salter Cheryl Tweedy, previously Cheryl Cole, or best known now by her mononym as just ‘Cheryl’, is in essence a pop culture phenomenon. Having graced the cover of Vogue three times, had four solo platinum selling albums spawning five number one singles, as well as launching her own clothing line, Cheryl has reached A list celebrity status, and with that comes the arrival of her fragrance line; Stormflower. Famous for her debut single ‘Fight for this love’, Cheryl is frequently described as being a ‘fighter’ in the tabloid press, resulting in the name of her first fragrance line, something beautiful with a contrasting aggre