#ZerowasteHackney: ‘Clothes Swap’ becomes a new wave

Credit to Greener Hackney

Amid rising awareness of climate emergency calls, LoanHood and Hackney Council proudly present an ambitious project, #ZerowasteHackney, at the heart of the youth community in London.  

The event will be held at Hackney Service Centre – The Annex, on 16 November, which is an open space for all.

Hosted by the Hackney Clothes Swap Shop, its goal is to minimise further waste of clothing, that has been the most problematic source of environmental pollution. Any garments in any size or shape, including footwear and accessories, will be accepted from the Swap Shop assistants.

But, there are some strict rules. The items being brought to the event should be in clean, fine quality and free of faults, needless of extra repairs – and ask yourself, would you give these to your friend?

The well-assessed clothes/accessories will be traded as ‘tokens’ – physical coins to ‘pay’ for the vintage clothes on the racks. Extra tokens will be available to buy at £1 each, in cash only. Any revenue generated from this shall go to TRAID, an organisation that pursues harm-free clothing consumption culture for the planet.

The Seam will be there to support the needs of repair, tailoring or mending in order to fulfil attendees’ expectations in terms of the purchases.

Collaborated with small-scale, new-born fashion businesses, #ZerowasteHackney sets the beginning of the new wave in the fashion market, which is kick-started by the youths who are actively seeking for an alternative way of consuming fashion with a new trend.


For those who still do not know what to expect, here is some guidance: 



Drop-Off your items – they will be assessed by the Swap Shop Assistants on arrival and you will be given tokens in return.


1:30pm – 4pm

With your tokens in hand browse the rails for new-to-you items. Try things on, gram the look, and choose items equal to the value of your tokens.



Bring the items you want to one of our Swap Shop Assistants and “pay” using your tokens.


Keep yourself updated with:


For further information, visit eventbrite to register.


Words: Kim Se Hee l Photo: Greener Hackney

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