Your new affordable shop: TikTok!

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Are you having to skip your favourite perfume this year or your favourite jacket due to the cost of living rising?

Well, look no further. This does not have to be the case no more.

If you’re a regular user of TikTok then you would have come across the TikTok shop. It sells anything from cosmetics to clothing and shoes at an incredibly discounted price. 

Some of the items that you will find on the TikTok shop will have your mind blown. Olaplex products usually sold at a retail price of £28, are sold for less than £20! A cosy warm puffer jacket that you would usually find in Zara for about £70 sold for £24, and the quality is just as good as buyers have reported. 

TikTok user Lil Bill showed off her new purchase to her 470,000 followers. She brought a khaki puffer jacket and did not expect it to be so good. 

She said, ‘I have to say it’s a thumbs up for me, I like her, I really like her’.

This jacket is sold by GO.GG on Tik Tok shop. They come in a variety of colours. Creamy white, black and brown. The inside of the coat is rather fluffy and it comes with an attachable fur hood. All for £24.99

Credit to GO.GG on TikTok.

Or, if you prefer a longerstyle puffer coat, duvet kind of vibes then GO.GG has also got that in stock for you. They come in many colours and are currently selling at £25.99.

Credits to GO.GG on TikTok shop.

The sock boots are another thing that has been trending all over the FYP. 

Credits to TikTok shop.

You can find them by simply typing sock boots, they are sold by many small businesses, so you won’t have trouble grabbing a pair!

They come in multiple lengths, you can either purchase them as knee-high boots or just regular ankle sock boots, and prices range between £15-30. 

The new MadebyMitchell makeup is another thing that has been going viral on TikTok and the hype is real!

The Nisrin bundle gives you a Bronze, “Blursh” and Glow set for £25. This will give you a liquid bronzer, a liquid eyeliner, a liquid blush, a beauty blender and a cheek stippler. The pigmentation on these is reported to be full coverage and flattering. You can simply find this on the TikTok shop by typing MadebyMitchell Nisrin bundle.


finally trying on/swatching the @madebymitchell BLURSH for you guys PART 1 💕💕💕💕 which one is your fave? #blush #madebymitchell #liquidblush #creamblush #makeuptryon #makeupartist #makeuphaul

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

MadebyMitchell is also doing a secret Santa bundle where you will get double the products you have ordered. So, if you order £20 worth of products, you will instead get £40 of products. Simply search in the app ‘MadebyMitchell secret Santa’. Don’t miss out, this is huge!

The TikTok shop is also coming with the most unreal deals on strip lashes: they range from £5 up to £20. 

Wildcat lashes are offering a bundle of half lashes for £19.

Credits to TikTok shop.

You can also find Olaplex treatments, shampoos and conditioners for much cheaper than its retail price. Olaplex products generally start from £28 per bottle, but on the TikTok shop, you can grab these at a whooping £19 per bottle.

Credits to TikTok shop.

Or, grab your self a bundle of the shampoo and conditioner, usually £56 in store, for only £37 on the TikTok shop.

Credits to TikTok shop.

If your unsure what to get for a christmas present, then this LED crystal table lamp rose projector is just perfect. They would make a great asset to a bedroom, living room or kitchen and it ranges from £3.99 to £13.92 depending on what size you get!

Credit to TikTok shop.

There are many more affordable and mind-blowing products available on the Tik Tok shop, so get yourself on there and have a look. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

But most of these sell super fast, so make sure to purchase as soon as possible!

Writing: Tania Alasady |Subbing: Istvan Botond Beres

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