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Each year dictionaries like Collins and Oxford publish their word of the year, they do that based on how many times people have looked for that word in the dictionary.

And this year, Collins’s top word was NFT which is an abbreviation of “non-fungible token”.  NFTs are certificates to say that you own something digital.

On the other hand, Oxford English Dictionary chose the word “vax” as their word of the year saying that “no word better captures the atmosphere of the past year than vax,” a colloquialism meaning either vaccine or vaccination as a noun and vaccinate as a verb.”

Other words of the year from Collins dictionary were:


Climate anxiety.




As we can see, these words make reference to COVID-19, the climate change or the new name “meta” that Mark Zuckerberg gave to his company.

So, they are all related to events that have happened or are happening now in our society and that means that people look up for words that represent their interests, concerns and fears.

Did you find interesting any of the words? You can leave your comments below!!

Words by: Ioana Nedelcu Sub-editor: Uzma Khan

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