Winter Breaks: VoL’s Getaway to the French Riviera

Get a sneak peek to the idyllic Côte d’Azur and find the antidote to winter blues

France is already a popular destination for visitors. However, there is more to it than the Eiffel Tower.  Another place worth visiting is the French Riviera, with tourists coming all the way from the United States and Russia just for a taste of the French experience.

Infographic by Vanessa Craus

  1.  Nice

Why to go: 

Sun, beach, sun. beach (duuh). If you want to get away from England’s curtain of rain, Nice is the place to visit. Temperatures range from 12 to 18 degrees even during the winter. You might not get an instant tan but at least you won’t have to freeze, shake, whip and wobble (ok, you get the point) in the bone-chilling weather.

If you only do one thing:

 Take a walk down the Promenade des Anglais which is basically a little piece of heaven. The promenade bends for seven kilometers, enough for you to contemplate the palms, pergolas and the greatness of the sea.

  1. Cannes

Why to go:

Brilliant architecture and local delicacies, what more can you wish for? Surprisingly, the city itself does not offer that many cultural spots, however the exotic greenery makes up for it. Cannes is known for its red-carpet abundance so make sure you take lots of walks around the promenades for celebrity spotting.

If you only do one thing:

Admire the view from Cannes’ grand palace hotels. The Majestic Hotel, La Malmaison, Carlton Hotel and Palais Stéphanie are only a few of the places you must use as backdrops for cheesy touristy photos. As a bonus, the view from the top floors of the hotels is not too shabby either.

  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Why to go:

You have the opportunity to tick off another country from your bucket list (one headed by a Prince may I add). Even if the country stretches over two square kilometers, what it lacks in size it makes up in the abundance of nature (size is not everything). And if you feel lucky and have a few extra euros to spare, swing by the Monte Carlo Casino, considered the beacon of wealth, fun and excess.

If you only do one thing:

Take a stroll through Monte Carlo’s heart to the Oceanographic Museum. This is the most popular museum in Monaco and for solid reasons. Its main attraction, besides a fascinating aquarium that includes a pool of sharks (yes, a whole pool!), is a whale skeleton that could swallow the whole Monaco if we were to live in a scenario similar to The Walking Dead. 

  1. Saint-Tropez

Why to go:

Lined with blue seas, Saint Tropez is the perfect place for a romantic winter escape. The city is practically empty as visitors are buzzing mostly during the summer when the glitz and glamour is really flourishing. The whole point of the place is to make you wander around and appreciate the yachts that you will never afford (unless you got lucky at the casino). However, the village allure and a casual walk down the Pampelonne beaches (great alternative to sitting around and doing nothing) make up for it.

If you only do one thing:

Go to the harbour side and admire the polished yachts. The legend says that if you pay close attention you can almost hear the sound of someone counting money. On a more serious note, it is not a bad view to have when sipping a cocktail on the chic Sénéquier bar terrace (expensive but so worth it).

And if you are still not convinced to go, watch this travel vlog and you might just change your mind:

Words and photography: Vanessa Craus | Subbing: Debora Kirilova 

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