This might be the worst Christmas ever

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For many Christmas is one of the most joyous holiday seasons. What should be a memorable time of love, family, friends, grand gestures, gifts, devouring mince pies and singing Christmas carols, for others is a time of overdrinking and sleeping before 9 pm to avoid curling into piles of holiday despair.

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The harsh reality is that Christmas isn’t always all it cracks up to be in the films. When you’re in a different country to your loved ones, been dumped, broke or suffering from food poising, Christmas isn’t so great.

The Voice of London took to the internet to ask: “What’s your worst Christmas holiday experience?” The anonymous responses on Whisper were both sad, mildly funny and enough to make you want to say “bah humbug.” Hopefully, you’ll be having a better Christmas than this, and if not, you’re not alone.

Probably shouldn’t have eaten that:


No one likes working during Christmas, especially retail staff:


Losing a loved one is always tough:


Maybe she wasn’t the one for you:


Time to call a family meeting:


Family drama:


In a foregin country without family:

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Words: Lauren Coppin Campbell | Subbing: Jeremy Ainsworth

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