What would you do for £1million?

For working Londoners, £1million seems a dream that is not even comprehendible.

The average salary in the UK is £27,531, with the average in London being £48,023.

However, although these numbers seem fair and liveable, the extortionate rent in London makes that fact otherwise. The average price for a one bedroom flat in London is roughly around £1,133 every month, which according to CITY A.M. means that the under 25s of the city are spending just over 60% of their entire wages on rent. This makes London the only city in the UK that spends more than half of what they earn on rent.

With £1million in the bank you’d pretty much be set for a stress-free life, with even the opportunity to invest in your own career and business.

But, what would people do to cop £1million?

According to a study composed by NY Daily News, 6% of people would commit murder for a huge $1 billion, 10% would perform a sex act on a stranger for $100 million, 15% would fake their own death for $100 million, 10% would do amateur porn for $1 million and 10% would punch a stranger in the face for a nicely priced $1 million.

Most of us wouldn’t even hesitate if we were asked to slap our sibling for a million, and Twitter users are in agreement.

User @Tayy_Norten says: “This girl asked me, “Would you slap your sibling for $1.5 million?” I told that bitch, “I slap my sibling for fuckin lookin at me”

@ItsMeWandie says: “I just saw a question like “Would you slap your sibling for 1.5 million”? Yes. So. Fucking. Hard.”

@Suzy_here1 says: “THEY: would you slap your sibling for $1.5 million? ME: i would do it for two slice of pizza and a cold drink!”

Maybe the opportunity to slap your sibling for £1million is to easy of a choice.

Voice of London spoke to some student about how far they would go for £1million.

Watch the video below to find out what they would do for £1million.


Words: Brenda Zini








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