What to do in the wait for Avengers 4

Photos from inside the Avengers Station

This year Marvel Studios had the world shaken with the release of Avengers Infinity War. Remember Peter Parker whimper “Mr Stark” just before he faded into dust? Yeah, still not over it.

Now the wait for the fourth instalment feels extremely long and painful. But luckily, there is something pretty epic you can do in the meantime; you can become a superhero! Watch our video to find out more.

However, if understandably you’re too busy to become an Avenger any time soon, there are some other ways you can get a superhero fix – as suggested to The Voice of London by self-proclaimed Marvel superfans:

“Re-watch all the movies and try to find Easter eggs in the films that will give clues for Avengers 4” – Kaitlyn, 20

If you’ve finished doing that, you can always join in with the people trying to uncover what this tweet from the directors aka the Russo Brothers is hinting:

There has been a lot of buzz around it spelling out the film’s title.


However, the Endgame theory was debunked after the Russo Brothers told Uproxx that the title was never spoken in Infinity War and “endgame” was.

“Get excited for Captain Marvel and seeing how it will play into Avengers” – Harry, 22

Remember when her logo appeared at the end of Infinity War? It was the first sign that led people to think she will be the one to defeat Thanos.

Since then, the Russo Brothers have confirmed Captain Marvel will definitely be in Avengers 4 and a writer of it, Christopher Markus, said that she is the most powerful superhero the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen

So, with her own film coming out a month before Avengers 4, it will be exciting to see just what Brie Larson’s character can accomplish.

There is also a chance that something related to Avengers 4 will appear in the credits.

“Wonder when the trailer will be dropped and look up theories” – George, 23

Here is one of the many threads of fan ideas about when we will get the first glimpse of Avengers 4. Will the first preview be attached to Mary Poppins returns? Or will it drop on Christmas day? There are so many possibilities.

“Buy some Marvel merch” – Lauren, 20

In this difficult time, it’s only right to treat yourself with a Spidey funko pop or two, a new Captain America graphic tee or even an Infinity Gauntlet.


Also try to remember patience is a virtue. But if you are anxiously counting down the days until April 26, 2019 (when Avengers 4 is set to be released) we wholeheartedly understand.


Words, Avengers Station video and pictures by Millie Richardson | Subbed by Millie Davy-McVay

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