What does your personality sound like according to Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify didn’t let its subscribers down in 2022 and prepared for them what many have been looking forward to all year.

Spotify users can now listen to Wrapped 2022 summary, save playlists and see what artists, songs, bands and genres they’ve listened to over the past 12 months. The platform launched this viral marketing campaign in 2016 and since then every year it is shared by millions of people on social media attracting new people to subscribe making it one of the biggest marketing campaigns globally. Because we all enjoy embracing our individuality!

But to prevent Spotify from boring its users with an unchanging structure the music platform has added new sections. One of them is “My Listening Personality”. This feature lets listeners know what type of listener they are. Spotify assigns each listener one of 16 categories such as “The Adventurer”, “The FanClubber”, “The Replayer” or “The Specialist”.

Is it always searching for new genres and exploring the unknown or sticking to the same type of music without any change? Do you listen to new music when it comes out? Are popular artists your favourite choice? Spotify knows what kind of listener you are based on your music choices throughout the year.  

Rasmus Wangelin, Spotify’s head of design tells users to embrace the results of their 2022 Wrapped. Not to hide but to own it. Because, after all, music is diverse and so are we.

Words: Zofia Sookyova | Subbing: Kiefer Jones

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