Vicious and Vengeful – Book review

Fantasy has always been my go-to genre when I am in need of a book to help me relax. V.E. Schwab is an interesting author that I discovered three years ago when I was in search of a book to translate as a part of my diploma paper. 

Vicious is the first book in a duology that I thought would exceed my English skills at the time. And undeniably, I was right. However, that meant only that I read it with immense interest and concentration. The author has her way with words, combining descriptions of emotions and activities that my imagination played like a movie.  

The book follows two college roommates, Victor Vale and Eli Cardale who decide to test their hypothesis on becoming EO’s – ExtraOrdinary people who receive special powers, following a near-death experience.  

However, after their success, they become mortal enemies. Victor feels he’s responsible for the monster Eli has become and 10 years later, Victor finds himself chasing Eli with the most unexpected friends by his side.  

Providing a different viewpoint from Victor and Eli’s past to their present, the reader discovers their fears, their ambitions and desires.  

I have read so many fantasy books that the plot seemed so obvious from first glance. Nonetheless, it surprised me when the author took an absolute U-turn with the second book of the series, called Vengeful.  

The second book gives the reader an update on what Victor and Eli do after the shocking finale in Vicious. Their bad blood continues, but new faces appear on stage and none of them would like to go quietly.  

Originally, the author had planned for the books to be a part of a trilogy.

Overall, I would give this duology a 9/10, because the fast-paced story gripped me and didn’t let me go even after the end. If after reading a book, you want to feel the immense experience of wanting to jump into the world and meet the characters, then I suggest reading this duology by V.E. Schwab. 

Elitsa Maymareva

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