U2 to perform in Trafalgar Square for the Europe Music Awards

Words: Lavinia Petrucci | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith

U2 have decided to celebrate their Global Icon award with a free performance for MTV Presents Trafalgar Square. Part of the performance will be broadcast during the EMAs this Sunday.

The Europe Music Awards will be in London this Sunday. The show always features a live performance from a landmark of the city hosting the awards and this year U2 will be performing in Trafalgar Square for 7,000 people.

The band will be honoured with the global icon award during the ceremony, which will be held at the SSE Arena in Wembley. Previous recipients of the award include Queen (2011), Eminem (2013) and Whitney Houston (2012).

Their performance will be this Saturday and is free to attend. Tickets for this exclusive event have to be won through a ballot that will close tomorrow at 10 pm. You can enter here.

If you don’t win, you will still get the chance to see a part of the performance during the award show the following day at 8pm.

This MTV Presents Trafalgar Square event was welcomed by Sadiq Khan. He said to MTV: “London is one of the live music capitals of the world, with an unrivalled music heritage. It is fantastic to host the EMAs in our city for the first time in 21 years. I’m delighted that Trafalgar Square will host this special MTV Presents performance – an iconic venue for an iconic band.”

“I have been saying, loud and clear, that London is open to talent, creativity and business. What better way to showcase this than one of the world’s greatest rock bands performing to Londoners from all backgrounds, for free, in the heart of our great city?”

The main ceremony will be presented by Rita Ora and will feature performances from Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, Travis Scott and many more.

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